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The Individual has within himself vast resources for self understanding, for altering his self concept, his attitudes, and his self directed behaviour and that these resources can be tapped if only a definable climate of facilitative psychological attitudes can be provided.


Counsellor Massimo Rinaldi MBACP(Accred).

Hello – I am Counsellor Massimo Rinaldi and I offer professional “talking therapy”.

Counselling enables the individual to constructively manage any difficulty, any challenge or any crisis. As a qualified and experienced counsellor, my training has been within a Humanistic field in which I use the principle of the “here and now” concentrating on the present circumstances to understand any conflict.

It’s effective counselling and, in partnership together with me, it can work well for you.


Therapy Approaches.

My counselling techniques draw upon a variety of theoretical approaches tailored to the client’s needs as well as employing approaches such as:

  • motivational interview techniques,
  • gestalt,
  • cognitive behavioural therapy,
  • existential,
  • personal centered therapy,
  • solution focus therapy.

My therapeutic approach always considers the influences of the past and how they have affected the individual’s life experiences.

Previous Experience.

I have worked extensively with clients with addictive issues and I apply existential and cognitive behavioral approaches to enable my clients to obtain positive results and outcomes. The decision to embark on a therapeutic experience may cause one to experience a sense of distress, confusion, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed. However, in my practice I create a safe and warm environment where I offer opportunities to confidentially explore these emotional and psychological feelings. My aim is to enable the client to reflect, clarify and work towards living in a more harmonious and resourceful way.

I was born in Naples, Italy and so I speak fluent Italian (as well as fluent English) which may be preferred for Italians seeking counselling in their native language.

Choosing Counsellor Rinaldi in Clapham

Counsellor Massimo Rinaldi MBACP(Accredited)
Clapham Common Clinic, London.