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In a general way, therapy is a learning process. The client learns new aspects of himself, new ways of relating to others, new ways of behaving.

Carl Rogers.

Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy.

As part of my commitment to support the right of the expression of a healthy and holistic sexual life style, I have embarked on a post-graduate training for Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy (January 2017 through January 2018).

As part of this training, as of October 2017, I will be able to provide counselling to individuals or couples addressing any sexual difficulties or conditions that support impaired sexual function.

This service will be available as a reduced fee service until I complete this enhanced training.

Indicative fees for Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy.

  • £50 per full individual psychosexual session,
  • £70 per full couple psychosexual session.

As is standard for therapists enhancing their practice, I will be supervised by a qualified Psychosexual Supervisor and the work will be closely scrutinised by the post-graduate training tutors. At times (and with your full consent), I may ask to record some of the sessions.  These recordings will only be used for the purpose of the training and will be erased as soon as possible afterwards.

About Rinaldi Therapy’s Counselling Services.

Massimo Rinaldi - South West London Humanistic Counsellor

Counsellor Massimo Rinaldi

Massimo Rinaldi is an South West London, BACP Registered and Accredited experienced private counsellor. He is based in Clapham Common Clinic, offering short-term solution focussed therapy & longer-term counselling to individuals and groups.

Why Choose Counsellor Massimo Rinaldi

Why Choose Rinaldi Therapy?

As a counsellor, Massimo Rinaldi works alongside you through the counselling process; you’re not alone. Using “talking therapy” you may constructively manage any difficulty, any challenge or any crisis, in partnership with Massimo…
Rinaldi Therapy's Counselling Expertise

Clapham Counselling Expertise

Some of the day-to-day challenges we experience may stem from our social interactions with others. Massimo Rinaldi is the counsellor to choose for his particular areas of counselling skills.

Massimo Rinaldi MBACP(Accred) is available to meet at Clapham Common Clinic, 151-153 Clapham High St, Clapham, London, SW4 7SS.
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Counselling Appointments

Mondays to Fridays: 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Weekends: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Counselling Sessions are usually 50 minutes each (we will agree this when we first meet). Tell me which days and times you would prefer, and once we have agreed a day and time this will be reserved exclusively for you each week until we have finished our work.

About Massimo Rinaldi’s Approach to Counselling.

Being Italian I bring in my work passion, commitment and a strong believe in human’s ability to cope with any challenge with the integrity and resilience required to see it through.

I am passionate in supporting people towards discovering their own unique qualities, inner resources and skills, which I believe every human being has but, sometimes, when one is challenged, doubting its existence could lead to despair, self-doubt and unhappiness.

To enable an individual to find courage and strength, I therefore offer an empathic relationship based on congruence and compassion with the goal to engage and establish a learning environment for new ways on being.

I believe that by establishing an honest and open counselling relationship it is possible to learn to relate differently which enable the individual to develop the confidence required to carry out the learning into daily life.

I am aware that this requires trust, which I value as a foundation for a successful therapeutic outcome.

Rinaldi Therapy at Clapham Common Clinic
Rinaldi Therapy by appointment only at Clapham Common Clinic.