Written by - 13 August 2017

A message from Massimo Rinaldi MBACP(Accred) (April, 2017) on his new service: Psychosexual Relationship Therapy in Clapham.

As part of my commitment to support the right of the expression of a healthy and holistic sexual life style, I have embarked on a post-graduate training for Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy (January 2017 through January 2018).

As part of this training, as of October 2017, I will be able to provide counselling to individuals or couples addressing any sexual difficulties or conditions that support impaired sexual function.

This service will be available as a reduced fee service until I complete this enhanced training.

Reduced fee Psychosexual / Relationship Therapy.

As part of Massimo’s offer of reduced fee psychosexual and relationship therapy, he is able to offer affordable fees as follows:-

  • £50 per full individual psychosexual session (50 minutes per session),
  • £70 per full couple psychosexual session (50 minutes per session).


As is standard for therapists enhancing their practice, Massimo Rinaldi will be supervised by a qualified Psychosexual Therapy Supervisor. His therapy work will also be  scrutinised closely by his post-graduate training tutors. At times (and with your full consent), Massimo may ask to record some of the psychosexual therapy sessions with you.  You are perfectly within your rights to decline such requests, but in order to make an informed decision it may help you to know that such recordings will only be used for the purpose of Massimo’s post-graduate therapy training and the recordings be erased as soon as possible afterwards.

Italian Counsellor Massimo Rinaldi
Counsellor Massimo Rinaldi MBACP(Accred)